[ExI] Post-contemporary art and Cognitive strategies

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sat Jun 2 20:54:01 UTC 2007

Can anyone translate this statement by António 
Cerveira Pinto  into plain speech?

"What I meant by "cognitive issues" is not 
related so much with "cognitive processes" as to 
"cognitive environments". That is: BioArt (which 
is just a provisional safe expression to deal 
with a much open field -- cognitive arts --) will 
not go back to typical modern/contemporary 
de-constructivist strategies as long as it keeps 
close to cognitive strategies, either performed 
by humans alone, or by humans assisted by 
nanobots, computational networks and so on. What 
I mean by "cognitive" in relation to art is the 
need that post-contemporary art keep in mind that 
the new techne that post-contemporary is a part 
of, cannot runway from knowledge and cognitive strategies anymore."


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what's inside the circle, then that is a 
closed-system perspective. If you study what is 
inside the circle and everything outside the 
circle, then that is an open system perspective. - Buckminster Fuller

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