[ExI] Italy's Social Capital

scerir scerir at libero.it
Mon Jun 4 08:57:31 UTC 2007

> > Mussolini also tried to 'colonize' central 
> > & southern regions.

> Ah, great minds think alike.

Here we are experiencing a very different sort of colonization 
now, coming from South (Africa) and from East (many different 
countries, and also China [1]). EU politicians do not seem
to be completely aware of it. Or perhaps they do not know
what to do. 

> > After 1931 vast tracts of land were reclaimed 
> > through the draining of marshes in the Lazio region, 
> > where gleaming new towns were created with Fascist 
> > architecture and names: Littoria (now Latina) 
> > in 1932, Sabaudia in 1934, Pontinia in 1935, 
> > Aprilia in 1937, and Pomezia in 1938. Peasants were
> > brought from the regions of Emilia and, mostly, from 
> > Veneto, to populate these towns.
> Wow.  I would like to know if the new towns make a 
> positive contribution to the economies of these regions,
> i.e., in excess of comparative communities with a longer
> history in the given region.

Difficult to say. But reading magazines like 'La Nuova
Ciociaria' (or the like) I've got the impression that ...
yes some of these new towns made a positive contribution 
to the economy of Lazio region, but this contribution
started not during the Fascist era but more recently,
that is to say 40 yeara ago, with the post-war
industrial (and touristical) development.  

[1] There are small towns (i.e. in Tuscany) in which 
the majority of the resident population is Chinese
(not speaking Italian).

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