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> If a person wants to die, there is no practical way of stopping them.

That reminds me, I watched the documentary "The Bridge" a couple of days 
ago.  Very creepy and disturbing.  The commentary of friends and family 
about some of the people who died (due to schizophrenia, depression, 
joblessness - all sorts of things) was eye opening for me (although it still 
didn't help me understand mental illness or addiction).  This is just a 
blurb about the movie:


This is not a documentary for everyone, that's for sure.  I was simply 
curious about it (it finally came up on my Netflix queue).  Having spent a 
good part of my life in San Francisco, I still tend to gravitate to 
documentaries and movies about my former American home town.  (From what 
I've read, suicides off of the Golden Gate Bridge have actually gone up 
quite a bit since this movie was made - mainly due to more difficult 
economic times many people have had to endure.)


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