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    ...I object to the subject line of this thread. 'larvae' seems a bit
derogatory to me. Especially on a list such as this...  Alex

Alex I started that title, but I should point out that I am a big fan of
insects.  Bugs are really cool.  Check out all the interesting things they
do.  Their diversity is far greater than that found in mammals.  If you look
at mammals, our body designs, they are all pretty much the same thing
really, and we do very similar things.  We are shaped and proportioned a
little differently, but from the bug's point of view, we mammals are
probably difficult to tell apart.  But bugs are wildly different from each
other, and make their livings in so many completely different ways.  It is
as if the centimeter scale existence is many worlds all on the same planet.
Being a larva is not derogatory, but rather a thing of which to be proud.



 Thanks for the insight Spike. LOL. The obvious diversity and specialisation of the glorious Insect world was lost on me on first reading of the title. 
But then it raises the question of why you didn't refer to the rich as cockroaches?? After all they are masters of survival and exploitation of their environment, are they not?? :o)??  




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