[ExI] Basis of Belief

Gary Miller aiguy at comcast.net
Thu Feb 28 02:27:48 UTC 2008

 Alex Said: 

 <<  I would include myself in this number despite having stated that my
current belief (small b) is that there is a (ahem) 'God'.

Taking into account that my 'God' is of the technological kind, be it Alien
geneticist or some kind of simulation programmer.

Also that the relationship between myself and said 'God' does not involve
any sort of worship, recognition or any other bells

and whistles such as faith.

Would I be defined as a theist/polytheist? 

Do we have sufficient language terminology to discern the difference between
myself and any conventional religious follower?

Does my small 'b' qualify as religion?

The terms 'God' and 'creator' do not sit well with me, neither do 'believer'
or 'follower'.

Is the real point here, the little b and the big B. One being believed
because of evidence and experience, the other because of

indoctrination and blind faith?  >>
Alex I believe that what you are describing is the big B, by virtue that I
don't believe you have undeniable proof of either an Alien geneticist or
that we are in a simulation.   So therefore if you believe it you are then
basing the belief on faith because neither belief has to this day been
proven.  There is no doubt that to you given your knowledge and reading that
these two beliefs are more probable that what other religions that you know
believe in but since you believe it and that belief is based on faith not
proof I believe it qualifies as a big B religion.  
If you were not certain of the existence of the Alien Geneticist or
Simulation programmer and did not feel that there was a way to prove or
disprove their existence then that would make you an Agnostic I believe. 

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