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This I really don't get, for it seems to me this whole memeset keeps popping
up, yet modern youth have it
so made in so many ways, I can't imagine why the notion doesn't quietly go
extinct.  There are so many
opportunites today, not just knocking but tearing the door off the hinges, I
fail to grasp why the whole weird
clothing, dark is this veil of tears attitude.  Here's a good insprirational
song for them, from thirty years ago,
a straight up rock anthem that tells it like it was then and is now:

I am shocked at your superficiality and judgementalism. First lets
distinguish a few things. I used to be
goth-oid and there is a distinct difference between goth and emo. Then among
goths there are distinctly
different streams of feeling too. I never considered myself  "emo", largely
because emo is a curseword. In
the late 90s being emo was an insult, however - the young kids in this whole
scene the last few years picked
that up and assimilated it, acting emo.

The idea "there are so many opportunities" and youth "so having it made" *is
completely ludicrous*. Its not true -
In my book, the amount of severe stress levelled on the young is killing a
small percentage of them. There
may be other factors at
but by and large we live in an unhealthy environment. The biggest
is the same as we have in prisons, and the results are more and more tending
towards the same. In an average
prison you push wildly different people together, by force. You create a
world of very different expectation
models, very flawed archetypes and very arbitrary principles. You make em
choose and suffer callous
consequences of most of these choices. Actually I am amazed not more buckle.
Through my work I come in
contact to young kids a lot. In the place I go, there is one who can be
labeled goth-punk, and she is a small
chubby girl who is acting out a little.

- http://www.comparativeguide.com/reports/softly.pdf
- http://ambafrance-do.org/depression/16359.php
- http://www.searchsa.com.au/Diary/Diary_Article.asp?aid=69

Here's how the biggest goth of the known universe, the inventor of the whole
vampire thing turned out: Used to hang
with him in Amsterdam a while:


He had girls so pretty, so kinky, so amazingly attractive you'd swallow your
words in a second. And he got loaded
of selling vampire parafernalia, teeth and lenses.

- http://www.vampires.nu/

example: succesful goth:


As an another example, here is an example why some goth chicks drive me
insane with desire.

- http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=6226048

Let me tell you. That aint emo. That is celebrating life.

In enclosed, repressive environments, like prisons, or pig farms, the
animals will develop stress traumas. They
will start biting off their own paws. You see the same in this whole emo
scene, with the cutting and assorted
other self-abusive behavior types. Goth isnt about that. I know few more
intense, artistic, life embracing and
determined types than the goths I knew. You call these selfdestructive or
whiny, yet most were studying harder
than their peers, playing harder and getting better career opportunities. In
my country, where the maroccan
low opportunity classes used to blow, hang around on corners, spitting on
goths, or drawing knives, the goths
used to quietly skulk and ten years later got a career job while the
maroccans were mopping an office or
getting welfare.

As a result we are seeing the first population of maroccan emos appearing.

The emo's are the crowd with actual SOLID mental derangements. They even get
picked on by the goths and
occupy the lowest rung in the judgemental, exclusive world we live in. They
cant afford real goth so they improvise.
And in doing so they get stuck in a sekfreinforcing cycle of selfloathing,
isolation, wallowing. Eventually they
start hurting themselves, by drugs, or literally cutting themselves.

example: emo as a pincushion strategy: http://nitespyder.com/FatGothKid.jpg
Example: cutting: http://www.essortment.com/articles/self-injury_100006.htm

The basic idea is : the subject feels literally so overwhelming pain in my
mind, he or she or it cuts the body, to
feel control. As soon as this person sees the blood well up, she feels
control and the intense pain inside abates.
I used to do a similar thing because of chronic pain, when fitnessing,
nothing new there.

By the way, I could give you a list of famous people who do this. Angelina
Jolie, who takes antipsychotics and
antidepressants, used to cut and she had all the symptoms of this scene. Now
why, with all her success, would
she go on sustaining a meme like this?

- http://theenvelope.latimes.com/media/photo/2008-02/35677048.jpg
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