[ExI] more belated singularity mainstream

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Fri Oct 10 21:37:58 UTC 2008

At 09:24 PM 10/10/2008 +0000, BillK wrote:

> > writer and academic Damien Broderick explored similar ideas in The Spike
> > (1997), in which he posited that post-humanity will arrive in our 
> lifetimes,
> > not in the inconceivably distant future.
>Hmmm.  So, it is over 11 years since you wrote 'The Spike'.

11 since I published it, 12 or so since I wrote it. How time flies 
when you're accelerating.

>Still optimistic?

Ya gotta laugh, you know?

>We have new toys since then, but has anything of much significance
>helped to bring the Spike any nearer?

Moore's Observation still seems to be ticking away, and genome 
scanning just gets niftier every week. Of course, we'll all be going 
around in sackcloth and ashes for a few years now those bad people 
[insert names, political affiliations, economic opinions of choice] 
have screwed everything up again.

Damien Broderick

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