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Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Mon Oct 13 13:53:12 UTC 2008

Another comment:

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I agree with Jay that the Republican party today is an extremely fragile
coalition and think it could break up if there is a landslide Democratic
victory this election. 

Democrats are also a fragile coalition of  hourly wage workers,
environmentalists, lawyers, academics, public employees and members of the
media and entertainment industries (except conservative talk and Christian
radio and TV), but not nearly as fragile as the Republicans.

If Jay is right that a coalition of Democratic and Republican financial
conservatives will form a new party, I think the US will end up like the UK
with  three major parties (left, center and right) or perhaps, like Canada,
more than three parties with representation in Congress. The new US party of
the left would be a coalition of liberal Democrats and libertarian
Republicans; the center would be the financial conservatives and the right
would be the current social conservatives.

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