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Mon Oct 13 17:13:50 UTC 2008

> I agree with Jay that the Republican party today is an extremely fragile
> coalition and think it could break up if there is a landslide Democratic
> victory this election.
> Democrats are also a fragile coalition of  hourly wage workers,
> environmentalists, lawyers, academics, public employees and members of the
> media and entertainment industries (except conservative talk and Christian
> radio and TV), but not nearly as fragile as the Republicans.
> If Jay is right that a coalition of Democratic and Republican financial
> conservatives will form a new party, I think the US will end up like the UK
> with  three major parties (left, center and right) or perhaps, like Canada,
> more than three parties with representation in Congress. The new US party of
> the left would be a coalition of liberal Democrats and libertarian
> Republicans; the center would be the financial conservatives and the right
> would be the current social conservatives.

I don't much care as long as the US stops being a military superpower. That
has to end, at any cost.
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