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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 03:25:18 UTC 2008

Dagon wrote:

> I don't much care as long as the US stops being a military superpower. That
> has to end, at any cost.

Ummm...., I think the US needs to be a military superpower (at least for the
near future) to offset those nations who would engage in "Germany in the
late 30's" behavior (I sure don't see Europe doing it anytime soon).  Russia
and especially China come to mind as nations that must be stood up to along
the lines of a schoolyard bully.  But we are a nation of finite resources
(despite being in complete denial) and we can only spend so much on the
military and therefore we must do it wisely.

The alliance I look forward to seeing is the United States, Europe, a
remiliterized Japan (they are heading that way) and a blue water navy India
(they are still in debate as to what the size and nature of their military,
especially navy, should be) as the "21st Century global Nato" to offset
Russian (and especially) Chinese aspirations for unlawful military/political
expansion.  By being strongly allied with these nations we would reduce the
need for our massive defense spending.  And we *might* overcome the urge to
regularly play global lone cowboy (and thereby avoid the high financial and
political/good will costs associated with it).

John Grigg
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