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You sure have a prejudice problem. Communism is still a valid political
choice, and
your attitude is impolite to people who are entitled to make a free choice
in a free
society. At some point this delusional system the US calls economy was bound
collapse. The world is now contemplating getting rid of a what looks like a
scam, and
just as we dumped historical stalinism in the garbage bin, we might now dump
rightwing the friedman pyramid scheme in the trash. I hope the communists
there will
stay true to the original ideals and become the biggest party. The world
seriously need
a shift towards more humane politics and we need to finish off the perverse
ideas that
govern right now. All in all hope for the future !

> I had no idea life was so rough for many of the younger generation in the
> Land of the Rising Sun.  Corporate Japan definitely took hold of American
> ideas about creating armies of temp workers in the cause of cutting pay &
> benefits and easily being able to get rid of employees.  I will have to keep
> on eye on Japanese politics as these disaffected young people start pushing
> hard against the current powerful status quo.  I had read Japan's economy
> has bounced back and so I hope these men and women can get what they need
> without doing serious damage to the now healthy economy.
> I will know things have changed in Japan when I turn on the television to
> watch anime and the program is titled, "The Struggles of Takiji Kobayashi,
> Communist Martyr!"  And there will not be a single giant battle mecha,
> demonic monster, noble samarai, or playing card wielding wizard in it...
> John Grigg
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