[ExI] Japan's young turn to Communist Party ...

samantha sjatkins at mac.com
Mon Oct 20 04:30:31 UTC 2008

Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
> 2008/10/20 John Grigg <possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com>:
>> What the heck is your problem? lol  We said nothing to warrant your
>> reaction.  I realize the *practice* of Russian and Chinese-style communism
>> was/is a far cry from the theory.  I fully respect the right of Japanese
>> young people to politically agitate for change, even under a communist
>> banner.  And their brand of communism will be within a democratic society
>> and not a tyranny.
>> I agree the world needs a shift toward more humane politics, but I am
>> concerned that Japan might down the road make too severe a shift toward
>> socialism and hurt their economy.  Sometimes nations veer from one extreme
>> to another.
> Why do you assume a shift towards socialism will hurt their economy?
> They've been in recession or near-recession for 20 years while, if
> anything, becoming more right wing economically. What does that tell
> you about laissez-faire capitalism?
Go read "Economics in One Lesson" then you, being very intelligent, can 
tell us. You will also know that what we have enjoyed in the US and what 
Japan has been running is not remotely "laissez-faire capitalism".  
Being intelligent I am surprised you would even insinuate that it was.   
Japan tried to finagle the market by government to get out of the 
results of its strong government involvement in the economic previous to 
its crash in the late 80s. 

- samantha

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