[ExI] happy birthday robert pirsig

hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Mon Sep 8 01:49:03 UTC 2008

At 06:15 PM 9/7/2008, you wrote:
>At 05:54 PM 9/7/2008 -0700, Spike wrote:
>>Damien Broderick could create a similar artifact
>>himself, should he decide to purchase any old creaky Detroit.  Yes I know he
>>doesn't drive due to eye problems, but any rust bucket would become
>>extremely valuable simply by having his name on the title.
>No, my fabled artifact would be a Hieronymus Machine coupled to an 
>E-Meter mounted on a Dean Drive papered with Zener cards, built from 
>instructions published in John W. Campbell's ASTOUNDING SCIENCE 
>FICTION magazine in the 1950s.
>(I know you sprightly youngsters couldn't even begin to understand 
>the fun we kids had back in the day. Keith, maybe.)

Ah yes.  I possibly still have a copy of the Dean Drive patent in my 
paper collection.

Re the business of trying to get anything "outside the gates of 
science" published, I wouldn't try.  I would figure out how to use it 
to make a ton of money.


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