[ExI] creationism in britain?

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 23:40:29 UTC 2008

> Lee Corbin wrote:
> Here is what I think would work (it worked on me, anyway).
> Raise the children in some mild branch of your favorite religion
> such as Christianity (there are so many sects to choose from).
> Make sure---for the inoculation to take well---that it is indeed
> *mild*, no Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, 7th Day Adventists
> or anything of the kind. Just a little Methodist, Presbyterian, or
> Episcopalian exposure, Sunday School, a few sermons, nothing
> heavy duty.
> Then the kids will naturally outgrow it, start to find it rather absurd by
> the time they're getting out of their teens, and---having
> heard all the BS before, will have built up a natural immunity
> towards the real thing.

I'm surprised you did not mention the Unitarians.  I have fond memories of
once in a blue moon attending their services.  Shannon Vyff is raising her
children in this denomination and seems to really love doing it.

A large reason people (young and older) like to attend a church is for the
extended family/social network aspect.  And that is something many people do
not outgrow.

According to Spike the 7th Day Adventists are actually quite progressive (in
their own conservative way).

And even in a liberal or moderate church, you still get the message of the
four gospels and the Lord Jesus Christ risen on the third day.  : )

I wonder to what extent genetics play a part in belief/unbelief.  I have
read that both Max and Natasha have siblings who are devout Evangelicals
(and also bright and well educated, which is to be expected).

John Grigg
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