[ExI] Tim Wise on White Privilege

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 06:04:25 UTC 2008

>> 2008/9/16 Olga Bourlin wrote:
>> > The following article gets to the heart of the matter -  it's the nitty
>> > gritty, it's succinct...  I must be missing something, because I can't
> understand why the presidential race is as close as it supposedly is...
> www.timwise.org

It is close in part because so many *diehard* Republicans are so sick
of the current Republican president that they have lost faith with
their party and have decided to not vote.

I have a friend who works as a Republican party fundraiser and he said
it is shocking how many registered Republicans have lost heart and not
only decline donating money but say they are not going to vote
(because voting Democrat would I suppose cause them to catch on fire,

Spike wrote:
> I know!  Read the Tim Wise article and notice that almost every bit of it is
> about Sarah Palin, almost nothing about John McCain, perhaps one sentence.
> The presidential candidate on one ticket seems to be running against the
> vice-presidential candidate on the other.  Even casual outside observers
> must have noticed this.  I just don't recall that ever happening before,
> even when the airhead Dan Quayle was the VP candidate.

McCain very well might die in office and so Sarah Palin would become
*the* president.  This alone is a major reason for focusing on her

he continues:
> The reason this race is so close is that both sides are running equally
> incompetent campaigns.

I disagree.  I think Obama has generally run a smart campaign (Hilary
is probably *still* in shock that he displaced her, the *heir
apparent* to the Democratic party presidential nominee throne).  And
Obama put together a crack team of fundraisers who have run circles
around McCain's people.

But in spite of Obama's natural charisma and campaign running
savviness, I feel the *real* adversary to McCain has been our current
president.  Bush utterly fouled the waters due to his various foreign
policy and economic blunders.  And McCain was a fool for not seriously
distancing himself from the president.


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