[ExI] ITAR and space based solar power.

B.K. DeLong bkdelong at pobox.com
Thu Sep 25 11:50:01 UTC 2008

I work with some IT Export Control folks at a few of the big aerospace
companies. I could see if they'd be willing to share their insights if
you're interested.

On 9/25/08, hkhenson <hkhenson at rogers.com> wrote:
> I have a problem where I could really use some advice.  Or at least
> put my qualms on the record.
> I have been talking about ITAR with some of my friends after one of
> them brought it up citing this horror story.
> <http://www.globaltradeexpertise.com/news_files/category-itar.php>http://www.globaltradeexpertise.com/news_files/category-itar.php
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Traffic_in_Arms_Regulations
> Another friend relates that you can get into trouble for accepting a
> piece of Russian space hardware into the US for an exhibit.  When the
> guy returned it after the exhibit the State Dept told him that act
> was an "export".
> Then another guy was told he'd be charged under ITAR if he told the
> Russians working on his satellite launch that they could go to a
> particular US textbook to find out how to do a reliability analysis.
> One of my friends thinks my concept work on reducing the cost of
> materials transport by sub orbital rocket and multi GW propulsion
> laser would not cause me any trouble even if I went on a lecture tour
> about it in China.  Others think I would be arrested and jailed for
> decades like the retired professor if I talked about it in China.  A
> propulsion laser able to lift 100 tonnes/hr to GEO is unavoidably a
> weapon and counter weapon.  I make an economic case for building it
> for non-military reasons, but it's definitely "dual use."
> The energy problem is world wide so solving it anywhere solves it
> everywhere.  I am on record as saying I think the Chinese are more
> likely to build power sats than the US.  (Then the US could import
> electric power, synthetic crude oil *and* lead painted toys from China.)
> The reason this has become urgent is that I have been invited to this
> military conference on space based solar power next week.
> <http://www.upcomingevents.ctc.com/sbsp/sbsp.html>http://www.upcomingevents.ctc.com/sbsp/sbsp.html
> I would love to go.  I have a lot of the physics and engineering at
> my fingertips.
> <http://htyp.org/Dollar_a_gallon_gasoline>http://htyp.org/Dollar_a_gallon_gasoline
> http://htyp.org/Penny_a_kWh
> <http://htyp.org/Hundred_dollars_a_kg>http://htyp.org/Hundred_dollars_a_kg
> The conference is open to US citizens only.  What agreements are
> required, I don't know.
> It seems a shame to quit working on this energy crisis solution out
> of fear.  But you sure can't do work in jail.
> Keith Henson
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