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The jury is still out whether or not wife beating is immoral behavior, but
your friends seem
swayed when they ostracize you. Same with being a racist, a pedophyle, a
meth dealer,
a murderer, someone who dumps his waste benzene in the sewer, a spreader of
viagra spam or any other new and debatable improprieties. There are numerous
topics where
people disagree whether or not the behavior is a crime, and equally
uncountable numbers
of people that shrug whatever I think.  It will be unresolvable - people are
stuck in their grooves
and discourse is dead. Not even transhumanists have ideals left, and
extropianism has
the same polarized bulwark of self-interest, collapse of ideals,
belligerence, political
obstinacy, arrogance and contempt as any segment of society.

Prove me wrong.

I can only vouch that I believe the near-collapse of the worlds climate a
reality, that humanity
is largely responsible, that this damage can be limited, that if we do not,
possibly billions are
going to die as a direct result before 2100, that the damage can be limited
with sound economic
choices that work parallel with implementation of non-carbon energy carriers
as well as
sources, and that people who are now persisting in sincerely denying this
process are dupes of
media with a vested interest in the industrial/economic status quo.

What I believe doesn't matter an inch. Some here would rather see me die
from poverty than
listen to whatever I have to say.

...and  what do you know? I don't give a hoot. I am personally sure of all
above and I don't care!
I am going to die anyways, probably somewhere between 2025 and 2045,
probably of poverty,
violent causes, collapse of society, the result of explosively (and
corrosively advancing technology)
and horrid mismanagement by paranoid elites steering society as surely
towards their self-interested
holdings as the yawning void ahead. So I couldn't care LESS about what
happens to the environment.

In fact, I welcome the collapse of the environment, somewhere later this
century as it will
probably do great in mercifully euthanizing the remaining humans and save
them a fate worse
than death. I'll croak miserably long before we have a chance to immortalize
or upload ourselves
(and if not, nobody would go through the effort consider uploading or
rejuvenating me in time!).

Face it - Humanity is not worth it. I intend to be as nice as can to my
fellow humans in the last years
of  human hegemony on this planet, but if I have some spare CO2 I will take
immense joy in dumping it
to save me half a euro. So - everyone:  we ruined it, we fucked up, party is
over, any year in
some measure of comfort is a blessing, and a merciful death after is all you
can hope for.

> > ...On Behalf Of Lee Corbin
> > ...Climate denial isn't a crime
> > here yet, but you can be ostracized by your friends... Lee
> Lee, the ostracizers weren't your friends to start with.  spike

But I'd love to be proven wrong, on any of this.
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