[ExI] What the France!?

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Tue Apr 7 12:15:10 UTC 2009

Il 05/04/2009 11.57, Eschatoon Magic ha scritto:
> Many Muslim residents of France are citizens -- on which legal basis
>  could, or should, be expelled?
> There is no defensible legal basis of course. There is only one
> precedent in the modern history of Europe for expelling and abusing
> citizens based on their religion and ethnic origin, and I hope we
> have learned the lesson and don't wish to repeat it.

Are you kidding me?
Are you ignorant or what?
Are you thinking modern history started yesterday?
Why do we must look only to Europe? Why don't look at the recent past in 
the Muslim world?

The Italians were expelled from Istria by the Jugoslavian communists of
Tito in the 1945.
The Sudetenland Germans where expelled from their region in Czechoslovakia
after the WW2 and the German at large living in the est Europe were
forced to move away
> Past research provided estimates ranging from 13.5 to 16.5 million
> people who fled or were either evacuated, directly expelled or
> killed. Recent research places the number at more than 12 million,
> including all those who fled during or directly after the war to
> both the Western and Eastern zones of Germany and to Austria.[12] At
> least two million people perished due to flight and expulsion,
> 400,000 to 600,000 of whom by physical force.

We could look at the relocation of the Finnish from Karelia

Expulsion of Cham Albanians

Expulsion of Poles by Germany

Then we could look at the expulsion of Serbian from Kosovo.

> Might is usually right -- but it creates very dangerous precedents.

This is sure. Like the Rebellion against the King of England did.

> If Muslim citizens of France become a majority in the next decades,
> _they_ may decide to expel non-Muslims on the basis of might is
> right.

They already did it in the past, in the recent history.




They are doing it now in Sudan, Christians in the M.E. are leaving in 
droves and in fear. Not because a government ordered their expulsion, 
but because the government don't protect them against the Islamic 
attacks. A riot here, a riot there, a riot everywhere and the not muslim 
will die, leave or convert.

I expect they will do it again here if they become the majority. Then we 
will not have mass expulsions, only civil wars, mass exodus and mass 
killing (from both sides); I would like to avoid the latter, until we 
are able to avoid them, because I'm sure the ethnic Europeans would win, 
but I'm totally unsure what they would do after they win in Europe.

After a war the fertility usually sky-rocket; if the war is prolonged, 
the fertility will continue to be high for long time. A billion of 
ethnic Europeans would not able to live only in Europe, and a youth 
bulge push for wars abroad.

Or, maybe, we will go to the way of the whites in South Africa and 
Zimbabwe. We will give up power and we will become a persecuted minority 
(and the society will collapse without a market oriented dominant 


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