[ExI] All Cultures are equivalent

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Tue Apr 14 02:15:20 UTC 2009

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...there would not be a MIDDLE EAST problem and Mitchell would be out of a

Frank, to take a big step back, it looks to me like the problem comes down
to philosophically irreconcilable differences.  One good example, a dominant
middle east religion reveres a particular guy (altho I cannot recall his
name) holding him as the perfect example of a good life.  He married a six
year old child, and copulated with her when she was nine: 


The west will have no part of that, not now, not ever.  This explains the
great uproar over the recent case of an eight year old child who was married
to a 47 year old man:


How can these two diametrically incompatible views ever play well together?


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