[ExI] are all cultures equivalent?.

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Il 16/04/2009 14.07, Stathis Papaioannou ha scritto:
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>> They are a
>> dying religion, without any accomplishment worth to show.

> And the accomplishments of other religions are?

Christianity changed the attitude about manual labour.
This is, for what I know, very different from the other major religions.
The attitude to manual labour changed because Jesus was a carpenter so 
it would be impossible to disparage his work.
In Christianity, the manual labour is a way of salvation. Maybe not the 
preferred, but a way.

> I don't disagree that Islam is ridiculous; it just isn't any more
> ridiculous or intrinsically evil than most other religions, like
> Christianity.

That you can not or want not see the differences will not change the 
fact that there are differences between the major religions.
 From where do you think come the "created equal with innate rights"?

> It is *secularism* that has made the Christian world a
> nicer place, and secularism will eventually make the Islamic world a
> better place also. Liberal Muslims will turn around and say, like
> liberal Jews and Christians, that God didn't really mean it when he
> said that you have to stone adulterers and Sabbath-breakers.

But, secularism is a feature of Christianity, like it or not, from the 
starting point. The Caesar / God thing. The other religions never did 
this distinction.
Muslims can not do what you say and call themselves Muslims. This 
because their founder not only talk the talk but walk the walk.
Where Jesus told "Who is without sin launch the first stone" and them 
told the adulterers "Go and don't sin any more", Mohammed killed the 
adulterer (male) that confessed to him his sin (he ignored him three 
times, then he killed him).

Than, try to explain how Allah / Mohammed don't really mean it.

> Having said all this, it sounds like you just don't like Muslims,

I explain the reasons.

> especially Arab Muslims, and no evidence is going to change your mind,

Neither your.

> any more than Hitler could have been convinced by any evidence
> purporting to show that the Jews were benign.

Or like leftists before the WW2 could not be convinced that Nazi 
ideology was worst than capitalism and democracies.
Or like leftist before the fall of the Wall, that were touting the 
superiority of socialism in USSR and China.

But thank you to comparing me to Hitler.
It show your lack of arguments and the fall-back to damage-control mode 
/ attack the messenger as the message is too hard to confute.

I tried to talk hard facts, Islamic texts, history and so on. You talk 
stereotypes, gossips, opinions unsupported.

There was any fact I brought up that someone was able to refute?
I think not.


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