[ExI] Deuteronomy Chapter 13

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Fri Jun 12 01:41:23 UTC 2009

painlord2k at libero.it writes:
> Maybe, giving the numbers, could be that a few psychopathics bent to hate 
> someone find a way to rationalize their hate and channel it in some way 
> that make them feel they are right?

This is a good point.  This good point applies to all religions equally. 

> Now, again you don't answered me, how many of them was not captured and 
> sentenced to life or death? How many Christians showed support for them?
> How many support the death penalty for the abortions doctors?

And again, I don't know why you want these numbers, or why you think it's my 
job to provide them.  They have no bearing on any claim I have made.  If you 
want to make a claim about numbers, you go dig them up. 

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