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Lee Corbin writes

> Dagon writes
>> So you come to the conclusion that the US is overrun by "criminal gangs".
> In certain areas, yes.

>  You then go and attribute a cause - "free will" and
>> "incompetent politicians".
> No, I attribute it to liberals (what we call over here people like you). I
> attribute it to the mindset that
> can no longer distinguish between a lawfully run society based upon freedom
> and liberty, and a society whose
> infrastructure is poor and whose people are ruthless.
> Challenge: give me any historical or current example of a better behaved
> society than that of, say, Iowa
> or Minnesota, (which are for the better part free of the contamination that
> afflicts places like New Jersey
> and New York, and which are no more corrupt than Sweden or Iceland).
> Of course, to you, it is an absolute tragedy if someone freely chooses to
> not work or contribute in any way,
> and so starves to death, a tragedy that is not at all the individual's
> fault, but merely the fault of society.
> You really should read Pinker's "The Blank Slate" to find out the latest
> research concerning the delusion
> of Rousseau (and everyone since, like Marx) that we all start off as blank
> slates and that all evils are
> attributable to the environment. It's just not true, Dagon.

I support the idea that humans are born with wildly disparate abilities as
well as aptitudes. I have never even
vaguely suggested that human beings are blank slates. Likewise, I abhor
being even vaguely associated with
the US term "liberal".  In my book, this concept "liberal" stands for
far-right, irrationalist, multiculturalist scum,
prone to appeasement with even worse scum, such as Neoconservatives. But I
understand, since the US is
tearing itself apart in its ghastly little hubris orgy called "the cultural
war" you enter your redblueredblue
psychotic state. I am sorry, I favor a turcoise shade of green with azure

> You seem to conclude that ineptitude of will is the cause for a collapse of
> infrastructure
> > and the formation of gangs.
> Well, that may be literally true, but it does no good.
> No, the problems stems from people who are unwilling
> to acknowledge that people are not blank slates, and
> in many cases come into this world with bad dispositions.
> Even more importantly, it comes from a failure of
> institutions based upon liberty, the free market,
> and capitalism. This is true anywhere you look in
> the world. Africa is the way it is because the world
> suffers from an inequality of capitalism. (This is
> the *main*, but not the only reason that the countries
> of Africa differ from those of East Asia.)

Amazingly enough, irregardless of what labels I may or not be susceptible
to, I agree. Capitalism is the
only default system, in a world where any minority of peoples will always
work to assert its power and
discount any other people, ideology or consideration.  This is the failure
of any system,  communism,
fascism, capitalism, and now - murrca. I condone capitalism, I even applaud

However, I add  - if capitalim is the free and rational exchange and
implementation of ideas, resources, intelligence,
discourse, goods and natural means, according to supply and demand, I also
would regard the interests
of people as subject to free market considerations. If we are free to
convene in religious worship or
political debate or scientific study or jouranmlistic reporting under a free
and capitalism paradigm,  we are
also free to unionize. Or negotiate new social contracts. Or cancel outdated
contracts. Or establish legality
and legality, Or allow minorities to set up noncontradictory  enclaves to
serve their own needs. Or set
up binding minima to what we consider humane treatment. Or establish basic
human rights. This is a
free market of ideas, and one Idea I cherish is the ideal of making sure
people have a chance to grow
beyond the wretched state of their biology, and the natural inclination of
his fellow human to exploit him
as cattle.

> Berlusconi-esque incission separation the meek
> You then go and assert that "the people", and you suggest you can make a
> clear and precise, almost
> > from the gangbanger, and are sure that if this
>> "noble citizenry" (you can recognize the good ones -
>> they were white robes...
> What you say here has a lot of truth. It is *extremely*
> dangerous for concerned citizens to take the law into
> their own hands for precisely the reasons you state.
> Look, in fact, what happened in the French Revolution.
> It's easy for the power-mad to take over in many, many
> cases. But not all. You don't want to read about the
> history of the San Francisco vigilantes, do you? Nor
> do you want to read Pinker's "The Blank Slate", because
> actual knowledge of these elements would weaken your
> ideological conviction.

Again, I do not in any way oppose what you say. Even though conditions here
are universally far better, livable and
civilized than in gang-ridden and destitute squallor of LA inner cities, I
itch to take up whatever legal arms I can and
lash out at what I regard as evil. And in fact, I do. I won't give you
specifics but I can get donwright vicious when I
see something wrong, whether it is parents that neglect their children, or a
spouse that abuses his (or her) weaker
mate. And I have acted, and it can be asserted that in those cases people
died of what I did. Yes, I take
responsibility, I took action, situations perceptibly changed and those I
regard(ed) as guilty, they literally entered
situations that culminated in death.

What I won't do, ever, never, under no circumstances, is kill another human
being, or call for any group of people to
kill another human being. Changing conditions that cause a human to die, is
one thing, and it is what it is. To
actually cause death, causally, I do not. It is an arbitrary distinction but
it has meaning for me.

>  This week the EU president said : America is on the road to Hell <
>> http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2214443/posts>.
> The EU president is entirely correct. The policies favored
> by the Democrats and Obama (which are exactly the same
> policies that would have been followed by McCain and the
> republicans) ignore the principles of government non-intervention
> and the unconstrained operation of the free market. If companies
> fail, then they fail, the idea of being "too big to fail" being
> simply a failure to admit that short term severe pain leading
> back to health is better than protracted (but less severe)
> pain leading to total government regulation of everything.

I call upon you, if you have the courage as a human being, to end this
situation. You fill in what I mean, according
to your intellect and wisdom. I call upon you to end the situation where two
almost equal spouses in a rotten
marriage are strangling each other. Both their necks are blue and swollen,
both their faces scared into a patchwork
of crisscrossing welts. Both are slowly dying.

If you are not a moral coward, a hypocrite, or a demagogue - I you have the
nerve, I call upon you to do whatever
it takes to end your two-party system. Do your part to end the duality that
has become america. This change will
probably end up doing me more worse than good. This change will almost
certainly end the emperial,
cancerous hubris in US society.  Rip apart the two party system. Create a
level playing field where one man is
one vote, one voting round for state official, one vote for party, one vote
for president.  I suggest people then start
socialist, communist, evangelican, conservative, revolutionary,
neoconservative, imperial, white supremacist,
catholic, mormon, scientologist, raellian and (in your case) libertarian
people's movements. What you then do
(and this would be a novel concept in US thinking) is vote, those parties
form a coalition, and those coalitions
rule under an elected president.

Anyone who thinks this won't work, I would suspect of being an undemocratic
swine, and I don't like those, for
reasons above - and in the current US, both liberals and conservatives have
delusions of grandeur, empowered
by the delusion their chosen patriarch can have dictatorial powers for 4-8
years, and "get the job done".

If you prefer that, go on strangling. My estimate stands - civil war in the
US and millions dead before 2025.

> absolutely no meaningful association with society, cannot care for itself,
>> yet is completely dependent on the resources of
>> society to survive - then you have created the basic requirements for
>> banditry.
> In the above example - the situation is unsalvagable. Once you let a
> society rot, allow the formation of an underclass that has
> I totally agree with you! Conditions in the big cities
> should *never* have been allowed to get out of hand.
> The corruption should never have been tolerated, (e.g.
> Chicago 1850-present). As soon as recognizable underclasses
> begin to form, they ought to have been either massively
> deported, or subjected to resettlement on reservations,
> where they'd be compelled to go back to agriculture or
> any kind of honest toil in order to survive.

I have a far better idea. Those underclasses, as you so charming label them,
could have had the civil courage to organize,
unionize, fraternize, march, protest and spread their views. Even now, these
wretched human beings, that do society not
an inch of good, as you so charming revealed your ideology to be, SHOULD
have funnelled their useless hide into a popular
movement decades ago.

We know what happened. The two party system has killed this off. The
underclasses never had a chance. Whereas in other
countries the underclasses had a dim but fair chance, they did in fact
unionize and pose a force to bargain with. If you didn't
to these well-organizes mobs, they would storm parliament and change the
voter landscape. This is not unique and if you
study the political landscape where I live (which you won't, because you
care shit about anything but the Empire) you will
see the emergence of two totally new political parties. Our house of commons
has 150 seats. Right now we have a coaltion
with three parties holding majority votes. These three parties stand to lose
majority vote the next elections to a party that
has zero votes the last election, and now stands to get over 20, becoming
the biggest. You know him, he is a single issue
populist called Wilders. On the left however the status quo is threatened by
the SP, the Socialist Party, also with having
achance to become the biggest party next elections.

If you cant stand this heat, why not get it over with and elect a President
for life? Hell, why not appoint Rush Limbaugh
as emperor, and have him slit the throat of the other side. Since you are
such a fan of Dolchstoss Legends, you will
probably march the street in appropriate black, to take it back from the
subhumans, that very day.

We know were you are headed. It is the road of fighting it out,
exterminating the other side, appointing a sherrif, "who
cleans up the mess", quietly deports (or buries) the lower (or "cinderella")
strata of your society, and gets on with
business. That is, my friend, precisely what got you in this clusterfuck.
Your society, your precious pile of collapsing
turds stacked up into heaven, is falling apart. It is falling apart because
a whole demographic strata has been consistently
and generationally ocstracized and marginalized. Whole segments of your
population never had a chance, and if they
did, it was under the skirts of one of the big bullies in town. You don't
run a society - you run zoo that way. Your
political system has the signature of a gang struggle. Crips versus Bloods.
Reds versus Blue.  North versus South.
Republican versus Democrat.

It is an immature, condescending, "winner takes all" system. It is a system
that works to fulminate a top dog, who then
snarls the deckhands into submission and pays of allies. It is imperial Rome
all over again, a system to create
bubble after bubble, burst after burst. It is what Naome Wolf calls
"disaster capitalism".

And I despise it, with every fiber of my being.
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