[ExI] Worshiping that Divine Blowhard.

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Mon Mar 30 04:10:53 UTC 2009

John Clark writes

> "Lee Corbin"
>> If God exists, he is not good (and, as you know,
>> if God is good, then he does not exist).
> Yes indeed, and because of that in a way I have more respect for the
> fundamentalist anti Darwin crowd than the so called religious moderates.

Yes! That's always been my feeling too. Moreover, I sense that
at a deep fundamental level the fundamentalists (sorry) and I
are philosophically aligned as complete realists, in a way that
many moderates are not. You don't hear fundamentalists saying
"Well, you have your truth and I have mine", or "God can be
many things to many people" and crap like that. They say,

Whereas I says, "I'M TOTALLY SURE THAT THERE ISN'T ONE", though I,
at least, do admit that 100% certainty about anything cannot be
achieved (even this sentence), because as we devotees of Pan-
Critical Rationalism believe, *all* knowledge is conjectural,
provisional, and tentative.

> The moderates love to say that there is no discrepancy between religion and
> Darwin's Theory of Evolution. They say that a modern logical freethinking
> man should be able to believe in both;


> but the fundamentalists can sense the truth, they know that a more hideously
 > cruel method of developing higher life forms can not be imagined.

There you are dead wrong. I can easily imagine a far, far
more cruel world. What if every amoeba, every plant, and
every animal had the capacity to suffer as much as we do?

Now *that* would be a *lot* closer to total hell (though
it's still easy, for me at least, to imagine far worse
than that). You can too. Just try.


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