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If you do not have really special requirements, staying with Blogger
is a safe bet. Google is not going down anytime soon. Also, it is
evident that Google is implementing all the separate pieces of the
ultimate social network, and they could announce their final
integration any day now. At that point Blogger would be automatically
integrated in the Google de-facto monopoly on the Internet.

On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 6:01 PM, Max More <max at maxmore.com> wrote:
> Since I'm planning to re-launch my blog, I'd like to also decide whether to
> stick with Blogger or move to a different platform. If you have any opinions
> about the relative merits of Blogger, Wordpress, Metacafe, etc., I'd like to
> hear them.
> I'm looking for a modest degree of customization, perhaps the ability to
> share the blog with one or two other people, and (very importantly)
> longevity in the platform -- I don't want to have to move everything a
> couple of years from now because the organization supporting the platform
> has gone away.
> Thanks,
> Max
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