[ExI] libertarians and inheritance

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Mon May 11 07:51:38 UTC 2009

Damien Broderick wrote:

> At 11:38 PM 5/10/2009 -0700, Lee wrote:
>> Ever thought about what our
>> education system would look like in
>> twenty-five years or so if completely
>> privatized (with, vouchers, say, for
>> the time being, utilized)? The innovations
>> dreamed up, and the customization to
>> particular kids would become extraordinary.
> I don't have to imagine it, I was "schooled" in a series of working 
> class Catholic schools, paid for entirely privately, in the days before 
> the Australian electorate agreed to give Catholics back some if not all 
> the tax quantum they'd paid for education. Bad majority of bigoted 
> voters, yes. But the private "education" I got was appalling,

I understand. But of course, so far as private
schools went, the Catholics had a near monopoly.
It was a part of being a good Catholic, I imagine,
to even pay the extra of having your kids educated

That bears little resemblance to what I'm talking
about. To be sure, though, there are no guarantees.

But a true market place, where some kid repeatedly
doesn't do well or work out at some schools  provides
a "market opportunity" for entrepreneurs.

> You can find awful tales of govt schools that are as dismal, I know. 
> Barbara spent some time teaching allegedly ineducable kids and did so 
> brilliantly with several of them that she was fired by the slackarse 
> incumbents. It's a crap shoot, maybe.

Well, it would be just great for a few
states in the U.S. to go entirely
voucher. This couldn't be free of all
government regulation, of course (not
at first), but it would be a start.

> How marvelous to be raised in a 
> $cientology school, say, or a madras.
 > Right, so much more liberating
> than those statist govt schools.

Not for your tastes nor mine. But
there are a lot of good private
schools. And there would be a hell
of a lot more if people weren't
simultaneously having to pay for
the public ones.


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