[ExI] META: Off-topic discussions

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Sun May 17 16:44:22 UTC 2009

Stefano Vaj writes:
> Basically, *everything* IMHO is potentially connected to transhumanism
> one way or another

Perhaps.  But we can't discuss *everything* on this list.  So there must be 
some criteria for what is on-topic and what is not. 

> but my point is that very often we discuss various
> subjects here, be it in interesting and pleasant ways, without
> connecting them to transhumanism or extropy at all... :-)

Unfortunately, I think we all recognize that the race discussions rarely 
remain interesting and pleasant. 

> Let us say that I like Beethoven music (as in fact I do, btw).
> Shouldn't I make an effort to clarify why I decided to raise a
> discussion thereupon *in this list*, if I choose to do so, or what its
> (alleged) relevance to the list topics might be?

Yes.  But as many times as the race topic has been raised, I am not sure its 
connection to transhumanism has been established. 

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