[ExI] jewish humor, was the anti-Jews

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Mon May 18 01:46:24 UTC 2009

On Sunday 17 May 2009 3:11:09 pm spike wrote:
> A New Yorker is crossing a bridge and sees another man about to jump, asks
> why, the jumper says "It is so unfair.  I designed this beautiful bridge you
> are standing on, but do the people point at me and say 'There goes Jacob,
> the famous bridgebuilder'?  NO!  And I helped draw up the blueprints of half
> the skyscrapers you see there, but do the people say 'There goes Jacob, the
> great architect'?  NO!  But I get caught with just ONE LITTLE COCK in my
> mouth, and they all point and say..."
> Made ya laugh, didn't it?  Why?

At the risk of being accused of being humor impaired, I have to say that I 
can't imagine laughing at a gay guy about to commit suicide because he had 
been outed.

I can't see how this would be funny to anybody unless they had preconditioned 
to think gays are funny, gays are unusual, and gays should be ashamed of 
themselves.  Without those prerequisites, this joke simply doesn't make any 

Seriously, try making this joke about a heterosexual and see if it can in any 
way be made funny.  If not, the alleged humor lies in laughing at gays rather 
than laughing at something inherent in the joke itself.

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