[ExI] against Many Worlds QT

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Tue May 19 04:57:55 UTC 2009

Anna writes

>> On the contrary, to me your position invites degeneration into vague concepts and doubtful epistemologies. 
> Do you know what the word degeneration means? The actual meaning of the word?

Well, you scared me for a moment. I wondered if I
had gone too far in making analogical use of a
concept. But "define: degeneration" googles to:

# the process of declining from a higher to a
   lower level of effective power or vitality
   or essential quality
# degeneracy: the state of being degenerate in
   mental or moral qualities
# passing from a more complex to a simpler biological form

where the first clearly applies. The second meaning
is what maybe you found faintly amusing or out of place.

> I really like you're opinion most of the
> time because it causes reflection.

I'm glad that in your case, all it causes is reflection
and not indigestion :)  People of course cannot help
themselves most of the time from saying things that
they themselves find interesting or provocative (or
interesting *and* provocative), except for machiavellians
who always speak for purposes of personal advancement
quite insincerely (none of whom appear to be on this
list so far as I can tell).

> I like to look  at things from different perspectives at all times.

It is good to hang out with people who don't always
simply reflect one's opinions back at one.

>> For example, what I describe can be easily
 >> translated into any language in the world,
 >> and then translated back without much loss.
> Lee, I have been reading your writing for a
 > while and I'm still not convinced, mind you,
 > I understand and I only speak only 2 languages.


> Trying to be funny with a bit of sarcasm:)

Yes, got it. Thanks.


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