[ExI] "meat"

ben benboc at lineone.net
Sun May 24 20:34:06 UTC 2009

Damien pontificated:

 >Most of the people posting here seem to have no notion how depraved
 >it is to speak of human bodies as "meat".
 >I wish you'd all get over this nerdish affectation.
 >Meat is dead, hacked-up flesh. My body isn't meat, it's me, and yours
 >isn't meat either. It's a living person.

Well, we don't mean dead, hacked-up or cooked meat when we say we are 
made of meat. We mean raw, living meat.  It's not depraved or nerdish at 
all, and it's useful shorthand for 'biological material'.

As for being disgusted with our overweight unfit short-sighted geekish 
pizza-and-coke-fed bodies, I admit to being short-sighted, but none of 
those other things apply to me (not even 'geek', sadly) and, let's face 
it, it's easy to do something about being overweight, unfit and fuelled 
by pizza-and-coke, if you actually want to. I got out of that mode of 
being a while ago (well worth it, too), but I still think I'm made of 
meat.  This is not a derogatory term, just a descriptive one.  I do 
appreciate many things about being meat, but also hate many things, like 
breaking an arm and taking EIGHTEEN FREAKING MONTHS to get it fully back 
to normal, which is just unacceptable, imo, and the usual assortment of 
digestive and respiratory indignities that we all have to submit to from 
time to time.

No, I disagree totally with the idea that saying we are "made of meat" 
is depraved.  I'm happy to inhabit a meat-body at this time in history, 
and look forward to the next stage: hacked (as opposed to hacked-up) 
meat, as a prelude to virtual meat, then on to no meat at all, eventually.

Lee wrote:

 >(Though, I reiterate, use of the <m-word> no
 >longer serves any good use on this list, and
 >ought now to be considered bad taste (that's
 >the prude in me)---but *nothing* more, unless
 >you can make a much stronger case than you have.)

Meat tastes good, not bad.

I remain unrepentant. Meat, meat meat meat meat.

Ben Zaiboc (made of meat, circa 2009)

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