[ExI] Ayn Rand and Evolution (was What is Meant by "Slavery"?)

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2009/5/30 Olga Bourlin fauxever at sprynet.com

> Not that the thought would keep me awake at night, but basically, as the 
> link mentions, AFAIK she never pondered much the subject nor was too 
> concerned about it. And being "uneasy with the theory of evolution" (as a 
> subject? at the current stage of that time? as per one's scarce knowledge 
> of the matter?) does not really make per se anybody an adversary of 
> "transformism".

> And the conclusion of the person quoted above seems entirely unwarranted.

Well, there is a lot more to this (I did not bring in the thread that my 
husband forwarded to me from his discussion group - it was very juicy!).  I 
am merely starting to explore this aspect as far as Rand goes.

As to societal issues - when they pop up for me, I find contradictions very 

And when there's talk of "freedom" and Ayn Rand's philosophy - it is like 
machine guns have gone off in my head.  Pop!pop!pop!pop!pop!

:( I must be sick.

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