[ExI] Who is safe?

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>Even if he did it, every word in the quoted paragraph is technically true,
and if so, it is something he is proud of, but cannot confess just yet<

That was the least of his achievements. I used to have an obsession with
Rove, when he was Bush's Goebbels and I wasted my time more with politics.
 How could one not, with a man whose entry into politics was as an aide to
Nixon's propaganda chief Segretti? Rove's political resume reads like a rap
sheet: push voting, identity theft, slander, document falsification,
disinformation campaigns. The list is impossibly long. If this guy had been
selling something besides republicans, he would have been arrested and
charged by the FBI with fraud, insider trading and a dozen
other offenses long ago.

He's a cynical, careless, ethically-challenged human being (I'm trying to be
kind here) but less driven by ideology than say, David Frum, who wrote the
'axis of evil' speech and actually stopped supporting the Canadian
New Democratic Party because he read The Gulag Archipelago  when he was 22
and somehow decided that Stalin was ideologically representative of all
leftists. No sense of history. No sense at all, apparently.

North American politics has had many shameful eras. But that has to have
been one of the worst. Gore Vidal was so incensed he stopped writing novels
and took to churning out political pamphlets on the subject of Rove, Bush
and friends for awhile instead.


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> >> Seriously. When he gets to trial, I wouldn't be surprised if the
> >> defense argued diminished capacity.
> >He was an "intelligence analyst". What does a PFC who is an intelligence
> analyst do?--Stathis Papaioannou
> This is misinformation or disinformation.  Or perhaps *very* liberal use of
> the term.  Every time I see something like this, the whole thing looks more
> suspiciously like a setup.
> On a related note, regarding a previous post of mine referencing Karl Rove,
> I looked up in his book what he said about Rathergate.  I noted something
> this time that I missed on the first reading: Rove does not explicitly deny
> that he did it.  He set himself up for a later self-congratulatory
> confession.  See what you think.  On page 390 of Rove's Courage and
> Consequence, he was talking about the swiftboaters attack on John Kerry.  He
> says "I had no role in any of it, though the Swifties did a damned good
> job."
> OK now, a few paragraphs later, he is talking about the 60 Minutes story.
>  Courage and Consequence, page 392, Rove comments:
> "...Maureen Dowd, the New York Times columnist, repeated democratic
> 'speculation about whether Karl Rove, the master of dirty tricks and
> surrogate sleaze, could have set up CBS in a diabolical pre-emptive strike
> to undermine damaging revelations' about Bush's National Guard service.
>  Diabolical indeed.  For this scheme to work, it required me to convince a
> Bush-hating source to provide falsified memos to Dan Rather through his
> Bush-hating producer, and then get Rather to take the bait and publish the
> story, despite how obviously fake the memos were.  My critics were again
> investing me with superhuman powers."
> How do you guys read that?  Note that he flatly denied involvement in the
> swiftboaters, but slyly indeeds this other caper, with an ambiguous
> "diabolical indeed."  Indeeding is not specifically denying.  Even if he did
> it, every word in the quoted paragraph is technically true, and if so, it is
> something he is proud of, but cannot confess just yet.  I want to live long
> enough to see if he ever does either confess or specifically deny it.
> spike
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