[ExI] cure for global warming is working

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Tue Dec 21 16:36:33 UTC 2010

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>Most likely it is not strongly climate coupled, according to what I have
read myself and discussed with the Oxford climate scientists. Not quite
weather, but definitely not climate either. And since NAO and a bunch of the
other oscillatory modes are connected in a messy way we shouldn't be too
surprised by correlated unusual weather.--Anders Sandberg


But Anders, I am so puzzled.  We were assured the science was *settled* on
all this.  When I looked at it, the science sure as hell didn't look settled
to me.  Doesn't still now.

The problem I see once again with the current European cold snap is that
while the global climate may be warming, humans perceive weather.  And
people vote and pay taxes.  At least twice now we have seen major global
warming conventions during a local freak cold snap.  In both cases nothing
of any significance came of them, for reasons very possibly related to

Any solution to global warming must be market driven as opposed to
politically driven.  It might not work, but it must sell.  Local freak warm
snaps will help them sell.  Cold spells will hurt sales.  The critical point
is overall sales.


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