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> Some of them, in turn, might start 'Following' you.
> This then gets into the Facebook type of etiquette problems.
> If nobody wants to 'Follow' me should I feel insulted or relieved?
> If you 'Un-follow' someone, does that make an enemy for life?  :)
> BillK

Facebook has a lot of creepy stuff like that, which is why I flatly refused
to play.  This is ME talking, Mr. Openness, the one with a G rated life and
few if any former girlfriends.  What bothered me when my wife started using
it is that you get all these requests from old acquaintances wanting to be
friends.  Well, in the meat world I never turn away anyone wanting to be
friends, never.  But in the e-world, you almost need to turn away most of
these requests, for the lack of time to write.  You might get a bunch of
people who read your online comments who you never met and are not sure you
want to.  Then if you say no or ignore their request you feel like a heel.  

These please-be-my-friend people remind me of the Strangers of America:



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