[ExI] How to Replace Uninjured Parts of the Brain

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>This is a hypothetical question, then. In that case the sky's the
>limit (so, somewhere around 100 km).

>Replace with what? More brain? A little pointless if there isn't any
>injury involved, but we'll probably be able to grow substitute
>cortices in the lab somewhere along the line.

>Higher-efficiency components would be more interesting. At that point,
>though, the question becomes: what would work better than what we
>have, yet still be compatible enough for parallel implantation?

A dictionary lobe with spell checker and dedicated maths lobe for starters.
As we know there are many things that computers can do easily and 
efficiently that we are pretty useless at.  So my number wish would be
a simple brain computer inteface lobe. Which would allow mental access
to digital data stored externally.

Regarding the original question of how?

Here is a quick idea. We already know that donor full heads can be 
connected to a  recipient body (as a live but useless secondary add on).
So it is reasonable to assume that individual lobes could be grafted into 
an existing brain. If the donor lobe were infused with stem cells prior to 
implantation. The join could generate some neural links rather than a 
barrier of scar tissue.
The intresting question for me would be about the blood brain barrier.
As the immune system is given little or no access to the brain. Perhaps
a brain graft would be much less likely to be rejected by the host?


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