[ExI] Psi (no need to read this post you already know what itsays )

JOSHUA JOB nanite1018 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 19:52:22 UTC 2010

> I am a scientist, and I have had many things happen that I would  
> consider to qualify as 'psi'. I have simply *known* when someone was  
> in a car accident. I have just *known* when someone died. I have  
> also just *known* the exact moment someone read an email from me.  
> These things have not happened consistently as an adult but as a  
> child I always knew when the phone was about to ring, and who was on  
> it. Maybe none of those were strong enough to be considered psi, but  
> if there is even an smidgen of something that could be psi, then  
> there are far more things that could be possible.
> -Isabelle
You did not "always" know these things. As a scientist you should be  
more careful of bias (as a child, you almost certainly weren't careful  
to protect against such things). You likely sometimes had a random  
"feeling" and when it happened you remembered, when something didn't  
happen, you forgot. Lucky guesses once in a great while about stuff  
like when people read emails or when someone was in a car wreck (you  
may have actually retroactively attributed the wreck as the cause of  
your feeling, when in fact it was something different).

There is no evidence that this stuff exists, at least not anything  
statistically significant. It is surprising to me that many otherwise  
perfectly rational people buy into the nonsense one finds in the new  
"metaphysical studies" section of Borders.

Joshua Job
nanite1018 at gmail.com

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