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No, not really, it is more passive than that. I don't really have any
control over it happening. I had an image of your leg, below your knee, come
to mind, and I also had a tree come to mind, but I wouldn't know what the
heck that means. With the car accident I suddenly felt what felt like would
be "Michael's fear of being in a car accident" (it was Michael in the car
accident). I immediately called his cell, and he didn't answer so I drove to
his house. He showed up an hour later and he said that about 30 seconds
after the accident he heard his cell ringing, but it was trapped under the
seat where he couldn't get to it to answer or call me back.

Also, with the phone calls, I would regularly yell to my mom to answer the
phone, and yell who it was calling, and *then* the phone would ring. This
really freaked my mom out and she finally asked me to stop doing it. This
was in the last 70's and early 80's. The calls were random and one of the
calls was from someone my mother hadn't spoken to in many years, and yet I
said who it was before the phone rang, and was correct. When I said someone
was calling, and who it was, the phone always rang right away, and the
person was always correct. After my mother asked me to stop I couldn't do it

And as a scientist, I think that people need to realize that just because we
don't understand something or have proof of it, does NOT mean it doesn't
exist. Before we knew what molecules were, or how to see them or detect
them, there still were molecules, and anyone would have thought you crazy if
you tried to convince them that molecules existed.

Isabelle Hakala
"Any person who says 'it can't be done' shouldn't be interrupting the people
getting it done."
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On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 1:25 PM, Henrique Moraes Machado (CI) <
cetico.iconoclasta at gmail.com> wrote:

> Isabelle Hakala >>I am a scientist, and I have had many things happen that
> I would consider to qualify as 'psi'. I have simply *known* when someone
>  was in a car accident. I have just *known* when someone died. I have also
>> just *known* the exact moment someone read an email from me. These
>> things have not happened consistently as an adult but as a child I always
>> knew when the phone was about to ring, and who was on it. Maybe none of
>> those were strong enough to be considered psi, but if there is even an
>> smidgen of something that could be psi, then there are far more things that
>> could be possible.
> Well, can you tell which bone I broke last year and what caused it?
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