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knowwhatitsays )
>	...he said that about 30 seconds after the accident he heard his
cell ringing, but it was trapped under the seat where he couldn't get to it
to answer or call me back...

Isabelle, I know how to explain this.  Michael had a premonition that you
were going to call him, to tell him you had a premonition he had been in an
accident.  He was fumbling around looking for his cell phone instead of
watching where he was going and BOOM.  That accident caused your premonition
(of which he had already had a premonition) and called him, but by then it
was too late.

I am having a strange feeling or vision about you.  It involves a computer
and a chair, but no broken bones or trees.  I don't know what it means.

>	...Also, with the phone calls, I would regularly yell to my mom to
answer the phone, and yell who it was calling, and *then* the phone would
ring. This really freaked my mom out and she finally asked me to stop doing
it. This was in the last 70's and early 80's...

Perhaps your young ears were able to detect the ultra high frequency sound
that the 70s era telephone electromechanical devices would make a couple of
seconds before the phone rang.  Recall those things had a capacitor in them,
which had to charge, and the discharge cycle would cause the ring to be the
usual intermittent signal.  The only reason I know about this is that back
in the old days when long distance phone calls cost a lot of money, people
would regularly signal each other by prearranging to call at a certain time;
the number of rings would be translated to a message.  An example is the
signal agreed upon in my own misspent youth regarding the approaching
redcoats: one if by land, two if by sea.  

Of course if no one answered, the call was free.  The phone company figured
it out and responded by de-synchronizing what the caller heard and what the
called phone did so that they didn't necessarily agree anymore.  

Isabelle, young people such as yourself perhaps do not recall the days when
ripping off the phone company was great nerd entertainment.  Apple computer
was started by a bunch of geeks who chose ripping off the phone company over
the usual high school preoccupation, attempting to effect(v) recreational
copulation, commonly known as the fucking phenomenon. 

> ...The calls were random and one of the calls was from someone my mother
hadn't spoken to in many years, and yet I said who it was before the phone
rang, and was correct. When I said someone was calling, and who it was, the
phone always rang right away, and the person was always correct. After my
mother asked me to stop I couldn't do it anymore...

Just a guess, but I will offer an explanation for why I could never do the
feat you describe.  I had a premonition that my mother ask me to cut the
crap with the whole anticipating phone calls phenomenon because it was
freaking her beak, and so I could not do it anymore before I actually ever
could do it to start with.  It was a preemptive attack on my premonitions. 

As a closing comment on this topic, a weird thing happened to me the other
day.  I had a strange feeling that nothing would happen.  Suddenly and
without warning, nothing happened.  A minute passed.  I looked at my watch.
It was a minute past.  It is so weird, I can't explain it.


(Isabelle, you are new here.  A warm extropian welcome to you my friend.  I
am well known in these parts for posting this kind of silliness.)

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