[ExI] geeky people, I need a couple of alpha testers...

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 14:45:29 UTC 2010

On 1/29/10, Emlyn  wrote:
> That's a really fair criticism. I tried newsreaders a few times, and
>  just couldn't get into them, i'd just stop looking at them after a
>  while. I've found for years that I was a one messaging app person, and
>  that app is gmail; if it doesn't hit my gmail it doesn't exist. Even
>  facebook, of which I am an embarrassingly heavy user, is only really
>  sticky for me because of email notifications. I use twitter a bit via
>  a firefox add-on, but not much; it wont play well with email, and so
>  I'm not a big fan.
>  Maybe one day google wave will dislodge me from my anachronisms? Just
>  now though, it's still email for me.
>  (btw you should see my crazy filter list :-) )

Well, if you're crazy about Gmail, then I think you should give Google
Reader another try.

You can setup reader folders like News, Financial, Tech, Tech News,
Science, etc. and allocate each RSS feed to be put into the
appropriate folder.
Google Reader will also suggest more feeds that you might like,
depending on your subscriptions.

The main difference I see is that Gmail is usually stuff that *must*
be read, whereas on Reader you can stack up thousands of feeds to read
at your leisure and you know nobody there is waiting on an urgent

Best wishes, BillK

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