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On Jul 20, 2010, at 2:55 AM, Robert Picone wrote:
 no, not the same fascistsYes, the exact same fascists who nearly universally agree that it's a good thing to murder someone who writes a novel or draws a cartoon they don't like.
The facts say otherwise.

These particular Muslims, who intend to put the mosque there, have demonstrated
through their words and actions (for instance, refusing to participate in the WTC
demonstration celebrations) that they do not agree with the above, nor with the jihad
against the western world that other Muslims are doing.  They could do (a lot) more
to dissociate themselves from and condemn those who do support it (a problem that
many in the Islamic world have), but there is a difference between "do nothing for or
against" and "actively support".  Hard as it may be to believe, there exist people
who are both Muslim and pro-USA.  These particular Muslims lie within that group.

In any case, I believe that this thread is both off-topic for and harmful to this list,
and should be ended immediately.  Do the list mods agree?
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