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Tue Sep 7 12:34:41 UTC 2010

On 9/6/10 samantha <sjatkins at mac.com> wrote:

"Unfortunately it is made up pie in the sky.  Even with MNT there is no
miraculous, inescapable and they lived happily ever after ending
coming. There is a very slim chance that it works out really really
well for everybody and a much better chance it works out well for a
relatively smaller number."

Dear Samantha, Post-Scarcity is NOT pie in the sky anymore than Extropy
is pie in the sky. Utopia is entirely possible for everyone.

Consider a brain one or two billion times more intelligent than your current 
The possibilities in such circumstances are infinite. If you fail to believe
super-intelligence will create unlimited utilization of resources then consider 
resources of a virtual world: in a digital virtual and in a virtual universes 
resources will be
limitless. Quadrillions of infinite virtual universes could be easily created 
and within
those universes more virtual and real real universes could be created. Extremely 
brainpower makes anything possible. A good sci-fi book to read regarding 
which our puny unaugmented brains cannot truly fathom, is PERMUTATION CITY.

A few examples of how we are moving towards Post-Scarcity are:

1. The free operating system Ubuntu verses the expensive Microsoft OS.
2. Free browsers.
3. The free Wikipedia encyclopedia.
4. P2P sharing

Admittedly these examples of free stuff often make money via donations or or via
another business in addition to the free-stuff but this is only the beginning. I 
watch any video I want on YouTube for free, which people would have found
unbelievable-pie-in-the-sky 10 or 20 years ago.

Samantha, you ask if we can "stop with the hype?" I would say the same to you.

You also ask me to tread carefully because people will become disillusioned with 
if it doesn't work out how I envisage. I also ask you to tread carefully because 
I have
spread my dreams under your feet. I am poor therefore I have only my dreams. 
are the most important part of being human because without dreams we are 
nothing. I
cannot recant my dreams. I have a dream... 

Samantha, you wrote: "There is very little power in positive thinking without 
consistent, effective action. You can think positive all day long and
get nowhere. You can think positive about something that in reality is
impossible and work really hard to get it and you will still,
guaranteed, fail. The utter and complete end of all scarcity is one of
those things that are contrary to reality."

Desires, dreams, and pioneering visions allow us to achieve the impossible.
Many years ago during the height of American slavery nobody would have dreamed a
Black man would become President of the USA because that was contrary to 
Positive thinking is the precursor to clear effective action. Before the action 
people need to believe. It took at long time for a Black man to become a 
President but
we are now entering accelerating times where changes will happen quicker.
Do you understand Extropy and the Singularity? During the Stone Age a spaceship 
men to the Moon was pie in the sky, utter impossibility, but thankfully times 
change and
we progress. The human race will soon take an unimaginable leap forward far 
all previous progression. I hope you are able to dream.

On 9/6/10 Gregory Jones <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

"I can imagine plenty of reasons why some parts of humanity would intentionally 
create scarcity,
such as reasoning that if the proletariat have plenty of everything, they will 
fail to pray to Mecca."

Dear Spike (Gregory Jones) you make a good point. There are people who may 
object to
post-scarcity, which is one of the reasons why I am attempting to inspire people 
into believing in the
possibilities the future holds. If enough people believe in utopia, it will 

To conclude: I think the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy has not been 
completely adsorbed by
some of the responders to this Post-Scarcity thread. The collective desires of 
the human race
can create a dystopia or utopia. I hope you can understand this network effect. 
I hope you can
change your views to a positive outlook because negative views can harm the 
entire world.
You have the power to begin spreading hope. You can create utopia.


There are many technological marvels already extant in the world today. In a 
surgical operation a patient 

recently had a new windpipe grown using her own stem cells and then transplanted 
into her. This
is not pie-in the sky or science fiction. Look at the world and it is easy to 
see how technology is
progressing towards a Singularity point. Expect utopia.

Regards, Singularity Utopia.

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