[ExI] Binary proof of evolution

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 Not supposed to be evolution just a demonstration of how total randomness can create something which evolution has created. Most important it demonstrates this to people who have no concept of neural nets, phenotypes,  fitness functions, chemistry, how dna works or even what it is. You could easily show someone a model of dna evolution, however the chances are that if they don't understand it they might not believe it. Really the experiment is proof positive that if you throw random events together over a very long time or large number of attempts, recognisable information comes out. A concept that is easy to grasp with little knowledge. Due to probability even noise makes sense occasionally. Likewise the random 'chemical noise' of the universe resulted in life and as you say this demonstrates the spark.




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> Very true and I originally thought of adding a survival or fitness element
> to the test, but if people cannot understand evolution anyway when it's
> explained to them; They won't understand the experiment. So that is the
> reason for a single work of the Bard and totally random and non manipulated
> input. I am thinking in terms of a number crunching exercise rather than a
> model.

This isn't evolution.  It would be more illustrative of the "spark" of
creation that takes uncorrelated events in the void and suddenly
(seemingly magically) produces life as we observe it.

Genetic algorithms better approximate evolution.  If your fitness
function is measured by proximity to Shakespeare, I suspect it
wouldn't take 20k years to get a phenotype that consistently outputs
the exact bytestream you are looking for.

So wait, what were you trying to prove?
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