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2011/4/26 Max More <max at maxmore.com>:
>> I agree with Stefano about the downsides to moderate-to-severe CR. ...

>I am also inclined to consider occasional fasting a good thing ... fasting
would immediately plunge you below the level where disadvantages exceed
advantages. -- Stefano Vaj

A factor I haven't really seen or heard is the fact that food itself has
evolved, very rapidly recently, with noticeable changes even in our
lifetimes.  Our food is so much more appealing than in past centuries, where
humans generally hadn't the luxury to fuss over their meals, nor enjoy mass
produced prepared meals.  If we merely compensate for the rapid evolution of
food, we are in a sense performing mild CR.  If we fail to compensate, we
are doing negative CR.  Never mind eating the way we evolved, just eat the
way humans did a couple centuries ago.

I looked in my personal archives and found a comment I made in this forum in

...Think of the very best cook you have ever known in your
life, the meals that masterful chef prepared, and how you
loved to devour those delectable viands, which would tempt
the palates of connoisseurs from both hemispheres.  To
those of more delicate sensibilities, they would add a
still more aesthetic charm.  

Now what if that chef were cooking for you three squares
a day, 7/52.  What would happen?

Remember those frozen dinners that showed up in the 1970s,
how vile they were?  How much better they are today.
Like life forms, food is evolving.  Those foods which few
people devour soon fall off the radar screen, replaced by
robust Krispy Kremes, those toxic toroids of luscious
lipoproteins, McDonalds burgers and other such life-threatening
delights...  spike, 2004

Do let us ignore for the moment that I clearly had more time on my hands and
a longer attention span in 2004.  Back in those days I had no offspring and
my parents were healthy.  Consequently I had no adult responsibilities.  The
point remains: in most of human history, food was terrible by modern
standards, revolting swill at best, raw, unappealing even to the hungry.  

The evolution of food is doing negative CR on us today.


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