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Sun Jun 12 23:47:31 UTC 2011

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Media generations

spike wrote:
>>> Being old is mostly a state of mind.

>> The rest of being old is how tragically many years it has been since I
was born.

>It might also have to do with the realization that your reference culture
is now significantly different from the culture surrounding you... Anders

Anders you are the one who hit it right on a few months ago when we were
discussing how most of us will navigate away from any video, for the reason
that the opportunity cost of sitting through speech-based anything has risen
dramatically and is still rising.  The only video I now view is that which
plays on the screen above the gas pump.  The science fiction writers of long
ago might have foreseen that video screens would eventually appear above gas
pumps, but the part they missed is that our data input rate made the
hipsters too impatient to wait through voice video under any other
circumstances besides when we are a captive audience pumping fuel into our
Detroits.  At those times, we are forced into a enduring several nearly
unbearable minutes without actual data input.

Consider how much faster readers we have become since text has become free.
Compare to how we used to do as recently as ten years ago: we would go to
Borders or Stanford, buy an actual book, go home, sit in a chair and read.
I conjecture most of us don't do that anymore.  Text is free.  The new skill
is figuring out which of the free text is worth the time to read it.


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