[ExI] Homelessness (was Re: Social right to have a living)

Jeff Medina analyticphilosophy at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 03:15:48 UTC 2011

Jeff Davis,

(Note prior to reading: I do not have a side. I'm just playing devil's
advocate to try to work one out, eventually.)

So we should give houses to the homeless, but I have to pay rent? How
do I get to sign up for the nifty Singapore-type free housing once you
make it the law in the U.S.?

There are houses a mile or two from where I live, where people who
make less than me have houses bigger than they or I need, because of
federal housing aid that I don't qualify for. Those people can afford
to rent, but not to own. Why should our taxes subsidize McMansions
like that? (Sorry, I know this is a separate issue from the Singapore
thing, just curious for your thoughts on this separate issue, too.)

Half-spic, half-kyke here*, so I doubt I'm playing too much of the
racist role. Although I do seem to look "white enough" that I seem to
get the societal benefits of being a white male in the U.S., so you
never know.

* (Puerto Rican, Mexican, Russian/Ukrainian, Hungarian, English,
French, German, Dutch, if we want to be picky about it.)

My current intuition on this sort of thing: Resources are limited.
It's not assured that I will have enough money to fund my wife and my
care in our old age, nor assured that I'll be able to help out our
relatives who need help. I'm not trying to avoid taxes to buy yachts
and throw coke parties. I want to fortify the safety of my loved ones
-- that's a higher priority for me than sheltering homeless folks.
Does that make me a heartless bastard?

Jeff Medina

"Do you want to live forever?"
"Dunno. Ask me again in five hundred years."
(_Guards! Guards!_, Terry Pratchett)

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