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Hi Spike,
I have been to Span 3 times in 3 totally different areas: Bilbao, Gijon and
Valencia.  In each of these different regions I did not see one sign of
paraphernalia of bullfighting.  Thinking about it now, it does seem strange
and I suppose I loved being in all these regions of Spain because I didn't
see any bull fighting!  IMO, it is brutal and cruel.  Some are trying to
outlaw it:
dUSTRE66R2X620100728> but you can read the defense believes it to be a
national sport, centuries old. The facts are horrific:
http://www.stopbullfighting.org.uk/facts.htm ; however, hopefully the more
awake and evolved humans will continue making their stand:



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Have we anyone here from Spain?  Or anyone who knows from bullfighting?
Please, I have a legitimate question here.  I have heard of this puzzling
form of cultural entertainment of using these magnificent beasts as play
toys, and OLE and all that.  Do let us ignore for the moment the ethical
questions that such a thing invites, for I am not a vegetarian, I have no
moral high ground from which to take pot shots.  


As I understand it the matador pokes these colorful projectiles into the
flesh of the bull, presumably until it is too injured to continue charging,
at which time the hapless beast is put out of its excruciating misery.  But
what happens in the rare event that the bull kicks the matador's goddam ass?




What happens to the bull then?  Please tell me they tranquilize the victor,
veterinarians patch his wounds and allow the horny bastard to live the rest
of his life in a peaceful pasture (the bull I mean) with a steady supply of
fertile and amorous cows.  If you tell me they slay the beast anyways, EVEN
AFTER HE HAS WON THE GODDAM MATCH decisively indeed, then I will be
disappointed with an entire nation.


Spaniards?  Bullfighting hipsters?  How does it work please?



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