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Dear Natasha Vita-More, Thanks for your clarification.  This makes perfect
sense to me.  With best wishes, Kate Hayles



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Dear Ms. Hayles,

I never wrote or implied that you think think humans are disembodied. That
would be a rather strange notion.  I wrote that you assumed transhumanists
support disembodiement based on your interpretation of Moravec.

This issue or question then is whether or not transhumanists agree with,
infer, or support disembodiment. The easy, quick answer is no.
Disembodiement is not the view within the scope of transhumanism and is not
the vision for the future human or person, no matter the form or substrate.

I do not know Jeff Davis. I am aware he is on the Extropy email list. I
think he either misquoted those of us on this thread or misinterpreted the
contents of the thread, which is substantive and rich in views and heady
arguments, but they all come out that it would not be possible to exist as a
person and be disembodied.

Kind regards,


Natasha Vita-More

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