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2012/2/19 Giovanni Santostasi <gsantostasi at gmail.com>


>>.How can we make more appealing our ideas? We cannot change the world
without the numbers.




>.Hollyweird discovered this a long time ago.  It was once believed that
negative publicity is better than no publicity.  Now,negative publicity is
better than positive publicity.  spike



Perhaps better than negative publicity might be reverse psychology (RS),
which works very often. 

Now, since not all that many are interested at this time, it might not work
with transhumanism, but life extension can be a 

way to get a foot in the door; tell someone not to take care of their
health, and they will be more likely to at least think 

about being more health-conscious. I've learned how to back-manipulate
indigent cigarette smokers by saying:

"go ahead, smoke a whole carton- it's good for you, boy!"

If such RS doesn't work all the time, it does have some results- guaranteed-
because men are so rebellious that even 

if we let them know (which is forthright) we are using RS, they will have
doubts about their current behavior: 

If you tell an alcoholic to, 

"drink a whole gallon, you sot", 

they are going to feel guilt and confusion, and might possibly change their
behavior when things worsen for them later on. 

In America people screw with others' minds all the time.. it is considered
fair game-- and turnabout is in fact fair play.

It is worth a shot-- unless I'm being too devious for anyone's good.  Alan


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