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The notion of eText books for elementary and secondary education gets us
around some very fundamental problems in education today.  We have economy
of scale if textbooks are published in enormous numbers, consequently the
huge retro market of Texas tends to drive science textbook publishers to
completely eliminate all mention of concepts as fundamental as evolution.
It is easy to just leave out a controversial concept than to have more than
one standard text, so Texas compels all of America to ignore the concept of


Now if we have widespread use of eTexts, we can have parental control and
arbitrarily many versions of a textbook.  I can choose for my son a science
text that assures him that evolution is a fact.  The retros can choose a
text that doesn't have that in there:




At my son's kindergarten today, I began looking through the texts for grades
up through 4.  I found not one word anywhere about evolution, not a
syllable.  So sad.  This is our chance to break free from the iron grip of



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