[ExI] Perception of time was Wrestling with Embodiment

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> On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 5:00 AM,  "Natasha Vita-More"
> <natasha at natasha.cc> wrote:
>> Hi Keith. Just a quick response to your first paragraph. And how do you
>> define physical? In my view, atoms are physical even though I do not see
>> them. Chemical charges are physical, even though I cannot see them. They
>> have an encasement. And, yes, I am a materialist/functionalist, but not of
>> the old school.
>> Of course a human body, not matter how augmented, enhanced, morphed, etc.,
>> is most definitely not the final aim. But if we are multiple selves existing
>> in multiple enviorns, why oust this option? Choice.
> I think we are failing to communicate here.  Let me try to generate   
> an analogy.

   It is not a matter of our not communiating, actually, or my not  
groking what you are saying. It is a matter of time frames. You  
are taking far future and I am not. You see, I am writing  
a disseration and I have a specific time frame for which my theory has  
to hold. As you know, dissertations can't be everywhere at once and  
require a specific focus. Gotta stay focused on precisely what I am  
working on.

   Bty, I read Drexler years ago, and he still continues to be  
an artistic inspiration for me. 



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