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>... Also ant-farming might take on a whole new meaning.  Stuart LaForge

Woohoo!  Cool.

Our tastes in food are entirely psychological.  Our stomachs scarcely know
the difference between one beast and another.  If after a good meal, we
learn we had just devoured aardvark, it might cause gastric distress, but if
we went about our merry way and only learned of it several days later, well
I suppose it could cause gastric distress long after the unfortunate beast
had been sent out to sea.

Think of shrimp or prawns.  Had we not been introduced to it in our
childhoods, there is no way we would look at that sea bug and  conclude that
it is food.  Ah yes I know, just my mention of shrimp has you thinking
sushi.  Food is psychological.  If we figure out how to control and
manipulate our appetites, it would be the biggest breakthrough in technology


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